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About Us

Roopam & Roopmilan have been dressing brides, grooms and wedding parties for over four decades. We take great pride in our brands and work tirelessly to churn out opulent creations that are truly worthy of the grandeur of the Great Indian Wedding. Every creation is meticulously crafted with quality materials, stunning embroidery and impeccable tailoring.

It has been our privilege to dress world-renowned celebrities like Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson and Goldie Hawn. As well as our much loved former Miss Worlds and Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra and DiyaMirza.

Our labels have been catering to thousands of customers across the globe through our e-store, which has now expanded to include several new product categories. We have included a plethora of new offerings hand picked by our team of designers and merchandisers under the creative guidance of our directors Mr. Viren Shah and Mr. Jiten Shah.

We realize that the new age shopping experience is no longer limited to brick and mortar stores but has evolved to include online shopping as well. The new product lines are aimed at providing the same all-in-one family shopping experience as our 25,000 sq. ft lifestyle store Roopam, enabling our customers to shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes and offices or even while on the move through their tablets and smart phones.

In addition, limited edition collections and online only events are guaranteed to keep the e-store buzzing with activity while maintaining the same level of personal customer service that has garnered us so much appreciation and customer loyalty.



Crawford Market, Mumbai - 400002, Maharashtra, India